People & Contacts

Adam Bass

Adam Bass is an Associate Professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, a physician/scientist at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Brigham and Women’s Hospital and also is an associate member of the Broad Institute. Dr. Bass obtained his undergraduate degree from Amherst College and his MD degree at Duke University School of Medicine then pursued clinical training in internal medicine at the Massachusetts General Hospital and medical oncology at the Dana-Farber/Partners Cancer Center. At the completion of his clinical training, he was a post-doctoral fellow with Dr. Matthew Meyerson at both the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Broad Institute

Administrative Assistant

Rosemarie Brosnan
(617) 632-5707

Laboratory Manager

Tina Li

Laboratory Personnel  

Chunyang Bao Post-Doctoral Fellow
Edmond Chan Post-Doctoral Fellow
Leonie De Klerk Graduate Student (VUMC/Amsterdam)
Mirazul Islam Visiting Student
Ailsa Jeffries Research Technician
Osamu Kikuchi Post-Doctoral Fellow
Tina Li Laboratory Manager
Jay Liu Research Technician
Yang Liu Post-Doctoral Fellow
James McFarland Computational Biologist (Broad Institute)
Ankur Nagarja Post-Doctoral Fellow
Eirini Pectasides Post-Doctoral Fellow
Nilay Sethi Post-Doctoral Fellow
Matthew Stachler Post-Doctoral Fellow
Yichen Wang Research Technician
Zhong Wu Post-Doctoral Fellow
Haisheng Zhang Post-Doctoral Fellow
Yanxi Zhang Animal Technician
Jin Zhou Post-Doctoral Fellow

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